2 months ago
2/17/14 - please don’t leave me here alone

I just wanted to make you smile.
And now that you’re getting better, I’m afraid
that you won’t need me for a while.

When I left, ever so briefly,
I thought you were silly for thinking I’d abandon you, 
but now I am terrified.

And can you tell me that I’m unjustified?
In being scared now of the dark
when you were the only light illuminating me.

- A.V.E.

2 months ago
2/11/14 - I Know What It’s Like Up There

I know what it’s like up there.

And you’re wrong.

There are no stars;

those things you see marring the sky at night

are galaxies.

The darkness that god created

is finite;

I’ve found the end of shadows in the darkest of places.

The moon doesn’t shine on the back of my neck or anywhere

because there is no light;

and there are no shadows.


I am not the push and pull of the tide.

I am the tide.

I am not the wind caressing your face;

I am the air you breathe.

I am not the stars in the sky,

I am the sky.

I am the clock

ticking inside your chest

and I am the bones protecting it.

Can you hear me?

For when your clock stops beating

you won’t be with me.

You will be me.

And you will be the answer

to the question you asked that day. 

- A.V.E. 

(in response to this poem)  


It don’t know if I ever really loved you,

but either way I couldn’t help the way I felt.

How many times did I tell you

I wasn’t what you thought I was?
And how many times

did you insist otherwise?

I’m sorry for the way I am

but I did everything I could think of.

It’s not my fault

that you were to blind to see

that the person you were looking at

was nobody like me. 

- A.V.E. 

2 months ago

I knew we weren’t meant to be

when somebody asked about our dreams

and you answered right away

while I just stuttered. 

- A.V.E. 

2 months ago

The knights I knew

were empty suits of armor filled with moonlight

that glittered like stars and galaxies with swords made of sunbeams

and shields made of fallen bits of undiscovered planets.

But what I never realized

was how long and dark the shadows

casted by brilliance and beauty could be

until they were being casted

over me. 

- A.V.E. 

3 months ago

The truth is,

I want to be with you.

I don’t care

if it is in a romantic way

or if it is merely friendly.

But on those rare occasions when I cry,

I want to cry

into your shoulder.

On those rare occasions when I crave

human warmth and comfort,

I want it to be you

I wrap my arms around.

On those frequent days when I am lonely,

it’s you I want to be lonely with.

And I’m not sure if this makes it better or worse,

but the truth is,

it’s always been you. 

- A.V.E.

8 months ago
4/22/13 - When the Maggots Come

You’d think you’d feel when

the world changes.

That you’d shiver

or inexplicably cry

or feel cold.

But you won’t.

You’ll laugh

and be happy

and feel warm.


Your universe rips apart

and rots.

But ignorance acts as morphine

and forces you to stay whole;

at least

until the maggots come.



8 months ago
4/8/13 - A Suicide Note

I became a ghost when I met you

and I remained a ghost until

the day that I died

in everyone else’s eyes



8 months ago

Another game that has both amazing scenery and an amazing plot. Thn again, most LoZ games do…

This game was fantastic in plot, gameplay, and scenery. 

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